Best Drone Logbook Flight Maintenance Repair LogGET THE ULTIMATE UAS / DRONE LOGBOOK TODAY!

Whether you are a hobbyist, thinking about getting a certification or exemption or if you’re already Part 107, 333 exempt or blanket COA, this drone logbook was made for you.

Logging your flights is an essential part of being a responsible drone pilot.

If you’re considering getting a professional use certification or insurance, logged time establishes eligibility for certificates and ratings. If this is just for personal use, choose what you want to log and keep records to prove your safety history in case of an incident. Detailed logging is a great way to protect yourself and your equipment. Use the checklist to make sure you never skip an important step that could cause damage to your equipment or worse, cause damage to you, other people or other people’s property. Impress future clients by showing them you have the experience required to do the job. Fill out as much or as little as you need for your use.

This drone logbook has been designed to be easy to use while meeting the new FAA regulations regarding commercial UAS pilots. While Part 107 pilots won’t have to report on a monthAly basis, the FAA and law enforcement may ask for your drone logbook at any time and you are obligated to provide it.

Designed in a 5.5×8.5 format, not the big and bulky letter-size that many logbooks come in today.

Classy, professional designed pages are something unique to our logbook.  Most drone logbooks look like they were created in excel.

Everything you need, all-in-one Drone Logbook includes:

  • Flight Safety Checklists
  • Flight Logs
  • Repair Logs
  • Maintenance Logs

Never forget to check your safety checklists again! Just ask other UAS pilots that have been doing this for a while and they will tell you that most of their costly mistakes could have been avoided by following a pre-flight checklist.

Safety Checklists includes seven safety checklists:

  • Prep – Before you leave
  • Pre-flight Controller
  • Pre-flight Aircraft
  • Pre-flight System
  • Pre-flight Camera
  • Take-Off
  • Post-flight Landing lists
  • All in one design!

Why this Drone logbook?:

  • Easy to use while meeting the new FAA regulations regarding commercial UAS pilots
  • 5.5×8.5 format, not the big and bulky US letter size that many logbooks come in today
  • For professional/commercial pilots!
  • For hobbyist pilots!
  • For training pilots!
  • All-in-one logbook contains all you will need to log
  • Attractive and easy to use!
  • Impress potential clients by showing them your thorough logs and past jobs!
  • Meets FAA guidelines for reporting
  • Use it to document your experience for future clients & insurance premium quotes – give them proof that you have the skills & knowledge to keep it safe!
  • No batteries required!
  • No expensive monthly costs!

Order today and log it all with the Ultimate UAS / Drone Pilot Logbook!

Want to get a copy of our Pre-Flight Safety Checklist that is in full color and hard laminated that you can hang from your controller lanyard or drone case?