began with me buying a drone, or UAS, UAV, quadcopter, whatever you call them, I love them.  I have loved photography since age 12, when I borrowed my mother’s camera.

I quickly got into the hobby once it took off (pun intended).  I’m a serial hobbyist, I love hobbies and I always have too many and not enough time for them but my favorites, like UAVs, I obsess about them.

I really wanted a small checklist that I could use to make sure I didn’t miss one of the many steps you SHOULD take in order to ensure safe flight but I couldn’t find one, so, I made my own.  Then people commented on it, asked about it.  I listed it online, it started selling without me advertising it.  So I took it another step, improved it, sourced materials for it that would be high quality and kept selling them.

Then I wanted a logbook.   I looked online and the only things available looked like someone designed them in excel and word.  They lacked thought and design.  I wanted something easy on the eyes, attractive enough to show a client, while having the areas most important to log.  So I designed a logbook. was then born.   I currently have five products; four variations of my checklist and one logbook.  We (my partner and I) plan to launch new products in the upcoming months and hope to offer a line of products for drones and drone safety.

Love your drone, keep it safe.  Safety today = Flying tomorrow.