Drone checklist by buzzitsafe two colorsGet the best drone checklist on the market and protect your expensive drone equipment.  Avoid those costly mistakes that can cause crashes, FAA fines, insurance hikes, damage claims and more by making sure you never skip a step in prepping for flight.

Just ask UAS pilots that have been doing this for a while and they will tell you that most of their costly mistakes could have been avoided by following our drone checklist.

This card covers seven safety checklists:

Drone checklist attaches to lanyard or case

  • Prep – Before you leave
  • Pre-flight Controller
  • Pre-flight Aircraft
  • Pre-flight System
  • Pre-flight Camera
  • Take-Off
  • Post-flight Landing lists
  • All in one design!

Don’t mess with multiple pages to fumble through with this easy to use, at-a-glance checklist.

Includes high-quality wire ring keychain clasp so that you can easily attach this checklist to your controller lanyard, drone case, or backpack.

We’ve had users tell us they ordered a second list and attached one to both the case and the lanyard so that it’s always easy to reference.

Drone Checklist Features

  • Made with thick 10 mil laminate
  • High-quality wire ring keychain clasp
  • Designed & Made in the USA!
  • Other colors & sizes coming soon!

Just look at our reviews from Amazon.com sales:

Fantastic reminder card. As a somewhat experienced drone pilot (getting ready for my part 107 next week, this isn’t something that I would follow strictly, but it is something that I would review before starting the rotors. I did a quick check flight on my Phantom 4 this afternoon, getting ready for a day full of flying tomorrow, and before I started the rotor, I read the checklist and realized that I hadn’t set my photo/video options correctly. This saved me about 5 minutes of battery time. If this was a paying job, that 5 minutes could be the difference between finishing the job, or having to repeat everything from scratch – certainly well worth every penny I paid…  – Tom

I received this item as a promotion and was quite impressed. The quality and durability of the laminated checklist is superb. The ring clasp that secures it is also of the highest quality materials. I would imagine the checklist is more geared toward P3, P4 series than earlier Phantoms. There are a number of items on it that I would never use, being the owner of a P1.1.1, but it is still exhaustive in its scope. -Steven H.

I was looking for a safety checklist for my quads and found this. This is a great way to quickly check your equipment prior to flight. I had a hiker stop to ask me a few questions during set up. Once the hiker walked off I looked at the list again and found a loose propeller! This list saved me from crashing my quad. Thank you.  – Alexus Buxton

A high-quality product that will pay for itself with one OOPS moment avoided. Clear steps to take before each flight because we are all forgetful from time to time. Just follow the checklist and get ‘er right every flight.  -Seaon808080

Concise yet thorough. Easy to use and understand. Definitely an item I’ll use in my daily hobby and commercial UAS operations. This is the first checklist that I find helpful and thorough enough to actually use in my business (and I’ve tried several).  -BigAl07

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